About Shiraz Shic

Shiraz Shic was formed from a passion for Oriental arts and antiques. The owners have travelled around the world and sourced exceptional and distinctive pieces. Our special collection of furniture brings a fresh global view to the world of interior design.

We at Shiraz Shic, believe that in order to create a unique and beautiful home design, you need to integrate unique items from around the world. We offer an amazing array of products carefully hand selected by the owners of Shiraz Shic to help you create your own home interior vision.

Most of our pieces are one of a kind. Visit us frequently to see what is new in our store.


Shiraz Shic was established in 2013 following earlier travels of the directors across Asia and Europe. From trying out exotic foods to admiring the local architecture along with enjoying the varied colourful culture and history, the directors always brought back goods for their own home. The business was conceived whilst on a trip to China, Tibet and Mongolia. The history and antique furniture was inspiring. The old antique markets gave a glimpse of the past and showcased furniture and antiques which had stood the test of time. 

Some of the best known antique furniture comes from the Far East. What we found particularly interesting about Chinese antique furniture is the distinct history and style of each piece. China has an incredibly diverse and rich culture, religion and history. Therefore, Chinese furniture from one dynasty to the next can look completely different, even if it all comes from the same region. And so the business started. In 2013 we took a trip across Asia sourcing various antiques and furniture from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tibet, Mongolia and Malaysia to name a few. We imported containers over and set up several shops across Yorkshire. 

The start of our venture taught us a lot and we started to expand and integrate European style ranges into our collections. We found that the European styles were increasingly popular and started to shift our focus towards French Shabby Chic and more modern and contemporary design furniture. You will find our shop now stocks a blend of European furniture whilst still keeping a foot in the Oriental market. We still source Chinese antiques for some of our clients. 

At Shiraz Shic, we understand the importance of knowing the interior design and new trends. We have selected many trendy yet unique pieces, which can fit easily into any style of home or aesthetic. Our French shabby chic furniture can be the focal point of your home, lounge, landing or conversation for months to come.

Own a piece of beautifully crafted furniture and experience the quality you can only get from true craftsmanship.


As Shiraz Shic started off as an Oriental Antiques business, and although we now cater for a more European taste and style, we have continued to provide a range of products with a contemporary Oriental twist. Check out our Nine Schools range, which has simple elegant lines with a touch of the orient. 

Other Furniture and Home Decor Accessories

We also offer various different ranges of furniture, which can provide a stylish and sophisticated look to your home from Country to Contemporary modern furniture and home decor accessories.

Each piece has been individually selected by the owners who have worked with suppliers to source trendy and stylish pieces to give your home a charming look.